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The Dog House Services

Two French Bulldogs


$45 Per Dog, Per Day

You can drop off on Mondays-Saturdays anytime between 7am – 9am and 11am -12pm.  Pick up is between 4pm- 6pm.

*We do not offer daycare on Sundays.*

Why Daycare For Dogs?

The purpose of dog daycare is to provide stimulation, exercise, and socialization for your pet. Your dog’s personality can be strongly influenced by the amount of physical and mental stimulation he or she receives on a daily basis.

What do the dogs do in daycare?

They play with their canine buddies in playgroups according to their size and/or temperament in a safe and supervised environment.  Daycare also includes an approximately three hour long nap around noon, where the dogs are placed in separate kennels to rest, which is always well needed.

Do you take both large and small dogs?

Yes, we cater to both large and small dogs, but we do keep large dogs in a separate play area than small dogs. However, we are primarily a large dog facility, and have very limited availability for small dogs. 

Cocker Spaniels


Standard Boarding: $59 Per Dog, Per Night
Suite Boarding: $79 Per Dog, Per Night

Standard Kennels: 

(includes daycare play):

  • The standard accommodations vary in size, as well as the number of kennels per room.  We will accommodate dogs according to age, size and temperament, and will assign kennels accordingly. Large dogs are roomed together (in separate kennels) and little dogs are roomed together (in separate kennels). If you have both a small and large dog, then they will be kenneled separately. If you would like your small and large dogs to be kenneled together, then you must reserve a suite. 

Suite Kennels:  

(includes daycare play):

  • The suites are in a large room with all the comforts of home, including a soft bed (reserved for our non-chewing guests), a lifted Kuranda bed, DOGTV which is played on TV's during the day, and a doctor developed sound machine that is played at night to help calm your dog. These suites are available on a first come, first serve basis.  If they are not available, your dog(s) will automatically be assigned to a standard kennel. 

All overnight dogs must be checked in by 5:30pm on Mondays-Saturdays. Dogs checking in between 5:30 and 6pm on Mondays-Saturdays (with prior approval only) will incur a late fee of $50 per dog. Dogs will not be accepted after 6pm.

Dogs checked out on Mondays-Saturdays after 12:00pm on the last day will incur an additional daycare fee ($40 per dog) for the last day.

Be advised we are closed on Sundays, but do allow boarding pick-ups or drop-offs by reservation only. However, the reservation must be between 4PM-6PM. The daycare fee will not be charged on Sundays.

Throughout the day, your dog will interact with all of the canine daycare goers, as long as they are social. In the afternoon, your pup will enjoy a much needed nap in their kennel before coming out again for some more playtime before bed.

You are welcome to come check out your dog during their overnight stay if you would like them to join you for your own activities.  The cost is the same whether they participate in daycare with us, or go out with you for the day.

Dog-aggressive dogs, those with special needs due to injury or age, and those who cannot go into playgroup for whatever reason are required to reserve a suite, as they cannot board in the same area as the other guests for the safety of themselves as well as the other dogs.  They also require more personalized care and space to keep them comfortable.

We ask that you provide your dog’s food and any medications, in their original packaging, they need for their stay. We do not accept medication in baggies, and you will be asked to take the medication with you if it is not in its original containers. We will provide the bowls, leashes, and bedding.



We do not need to meet your dog prior to their first visit.  We accept all breeds, however, we do reserve the right to exclude certain dogs based on temperament for the safety of themselves as well as the other dogs. If your dog is boarding and staff determines that your dog is not able to be in playgroup due to safety concerns, your dog will be kenneled and then let out separately from the other dogs three times a day to go to the bathroom and run around. Dogs must be at least 4 months old in order to attend. Dogs must be people friendly. Proof of current Distemper, Rabies and Bordetella vaccines must be on file in order to submit your reservation.  For proper immunities and safety, all puppies and dogs, with previously expired vaccinations, must have vaccines in their system for at least 2 weeks prior to their stay. Vaccinations must be given by a veterinarian in order to be considered acceptable. Due to privacy policies of veterinary clinics, we cannot call your vet for you to obtain these records. However, you may ask your vet to email the records to us on your behalf. 

Non-neutered males over 6 months and female dogs in heat are not accepted. If your dog goes into heat during their stay, you will be required to pick them up immediatley.

Cancellation Policy:

Daycare cancellations must be made by 6PM MST the day before the reservation, otherwise you will be charged for the day. If you have a daycare punchcard, then one punch will be taken from your punchcard. Non-holiday/Non-peak boarding reservation cancellations must be made 48 hours in advance otherwise you will be charged for one night of boarding. If you have a night punchcard, then we will take one punch from your punchcard. For Holiday/Peak boarding reservations, cancellations must occur 7 days in advance, otherwise you will be charged 50% of the entire cost of the reservation. If you have a night punchcard, then we will take the equivalent of half the number of passes that you would have used for that reservation. Any "no show" forfeit the entire cost of their reservation.

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